adjective [poly·glot]
1. knowing or using several languages
2. made up of people or things from different cultures, countries, etc

Polyglot is an application that helps you expand your knowledge of a foreign language or enables you to share your local tongue with others. Meet new people in person, extend your vocabulary and earn some money on the side.

Key Features

native speakers

Practice foreign language

Learn to speak the native tongue by speaking directly to native speakers. Practice your language skills in an informal environment under the tutelage of local people.

native speakers

Earn money as native speaker

Use your linguistic skills to earn some money. Spend time with someone and be rewarded for being a kind and patient teacher.

native speakers

New friends and connections

Meet new people while traveling or introduce people to the culture of your home country. Share interests and make friendships that can last a lifetime.

How it works

Browse available teachers in your vicinity and connect with the right person that suits your needs. Chat with your contact and set up a face-to-face meeting. No awkward cash payments, everything is incorporated through the application

Launching in 2017